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...Pharma warehouses

We are now offering ready-to-use clean warehouses for your products: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, API’s.  These warehouses will be able to submitt “functioning notice” (aviso de funcionamiento) befote  COFEPRIS.

The lease for these  warehouses are offered on an yearly basis. This new service will allow you to obtain the  “sanitary registry” of your imported products, under your company’s name.

Each Warehouse has an aproxímate volumen of  120 cubic meters. 

As part of this new concept,  Parque Pharma  offers common areas for:

  • Product reception
  • Quarentine
  • Product rejected
  • Packaging
  • Product dispatch
  • Offices
  • Restrooms

The additional services that can be provided by  Parque Pharma are:

  • Development, review and due diligence of product Dossier to obtain the  “sanitary registry” from  COFEPRIS (aloptics, orphan drugs, API´s)
  • Import permits
  • Quality control
  • Inclusion in cuadro básico (institutional / inter-institutional)
  • Primary & secondary packaging
  • Re-labelling
  • Market analysis
    • Market valuation regarding specialty, hospitals, pacients
    • Analysis according to incidente and prevalence in the Mexican market
    • Valuation of the regulatory environment, public and private markets

  • Flow diagram of patients by Institution and by hospital

Additionally, Parque Pharma  offers its standard services, such as:

  • Permanent security (24x7)
  • Parking  
  • Loading & unloading area
  • Electrical substation

Contact us for further information or to schedule a visit to the prototype plant.


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